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The JITW (Just In Time Wisdom) classroom is the closest thing to sitting in front of the teacher as you can get, without leaving your desk!

Just think, Rabbi Pliskin today, Rabbi Motty Berger tomorrow, and Lori Palatnik on Sunday.  The best of the best educators, the hottest topics, ask your questions.  Plus, all the lectures are recorded, and it’s all right on your desk.
The technology that makes this work is as easy to use as it is a dream to experience.

This is what you will need:
Phone line to hear the voices of the speaker and other participants.  A regular phone works fine, but a speakerphone or headphones is better.

A computer with a high-speed internet connection so you can see, live, the teacher and other participants.  For latge classes, only the first 5 students will have a video slot, everyone else will see but not be seen.
A webcam so that you can be part of the action.  You can easily attach a webcam to your existing computer for under $40.  Look for Logitech's QuickCam Communicate STX and Creative Lab's Webcam.  But, we recommend you spend more for the clearest audio and video quality. 

The highest rated webcams are Logitech's "QuickCams."  QuickCam for Notebooks Pro  is the most compact and portable, and recommended for mobile users. QuickCam Fusion is recommended for desktop users.   If you shop around, QuickCams can be found online for under $80. 

For the first 100 members we are offering the membership at a discounted rate.  Instead of $2000 per annum, the founding members can join for $1800, plus cancel anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund.
This is because, even though we plan to have at least 3 classes a day, 5 days a week, our capacity is not there yet.
What your subscription gets you:

As the technology improves, and we add more features, we intend to raise the price of the subscription, however, whatever annual rate you start with will be yours for life no matter what the current rate happens to be.
Access to all our classes, every day, every week, as much as you want.
Access to all our archives whenever you want.